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Rolls for Displays

Rolls for Displays

Typical straw mats for all product displays


Raw materials: Rye straw, jute yarn or white yarn.
Size: A range of sizes are available on request.
Packaging: In boxes on shrink-wrapped pallets, according to size and quantity.


Suitable for dry or refrigerated surfaces, these straw mats add character to any food-product stand or window display.

Treatment and traceability

No chemical treatments are used after the straw is harvested.
All rolls for use with food products are pasteurised by high-temperature heat treatment, which ensures the destruction of pathogens (in particular listeria).
A record of each treatment and the assignment of a batch number ensure their traceability.

Possible uses

Food-product presentation: windows, stands
Cheeses, early fruit and vegetables, cured meats, creamery products, etc.
Special displays: trade fairs, exhibitions